Temporary Total & Wage Loss Benefits

A Better Understanding

Most workers who have been injured on the job have two main concerns: “How will I pay for my medical treatment?” and “What will I do for income if my injuries prevent me from returning to work?” The Ohio workers’ compensation system provides medical benefits and compensation for lost wages. Attorney Matthew Hawley, Attorney at Law, has the experience and expertise to help injured Ohio workers obtain the medical benefits, temporary total compensation or wage loss compensation they deserve.

Pursuing The Workers’ Comp Benefits You Deserve

Medical treatment: If you have suffered a work injury, your employer or the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) will pay medical expenses for treatment related to the allowed conditions in your claim. You can treat with a physician of your own choice as long as the doctor is an Ohio BWC approved provider. All medical bills are submitted to your Managed Care Organization for payment.
Temporary total compensation: If your doctor certifies that you are unable to return to your regular job because of a work injury, you are entitled to temporary total disability compensation to help replace your lost wages. An injured worker is entitled to receive temporary total compensation until one of the following occurs:

  • The injured worker returns to work
  • The injured worker’s treating doctor states they can return to the job they were performing when injured
  • The employer makes a light duty job offer within the restrictions set forth by your doctor
  • The injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement

Maximum medical improvement: This is reached when the allowed conditions have stabilized and no fundamental functional improvement can be expected within reasonable medical probability despite continuing medical treatment. An injured worker may need supportive medical treatment to maintain this level of function.
Wage loss compensation: If your doctor releases you to return to work with restrictions and you are unable to find employment within your restrictions, or you return to work within your restrictions and have a reduction of earnings, you may be entitled to wage loss compensation to make up for your reduction in earnings.

Many issues can arise when you seek medical treatment or temporary total compensation. Your employer may contest your claim or send you to a doctor you do not trust. Matthew Hawley, Attorney at Law can make sure your rights are protected so you can get the benefits you deserve.


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