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You expect your employer to maintain a safe work environment, the law demands the same. If you have been injured because your employer failed to provide you with safe working conditions, you may be eligible for Violations of Specific Safety Requirements (VSSR) payments in addition to basic workers compensation benefits.

Matthew Hawley, Attorney at Law has been advocating for workers compensation since 2004! His knowledgeable counsel includes 3 Ohio Bar Associations. During the initial assessment of your case, he can determine your eligibility for VSSR.

What Is VSSR Compensation?

Ohio law requires that employers follow certain safety rules depending on the business and provide a safe workplace for their employees. Violations of specific safety requirements awards offer compensation to injured workers when injured because of an employer’s failure to protect them. This compensation is separate from a typical workers’ compensation claim and is offered besides any weekly benefits the employee may be eligible to receive (such as temporary total or permanent partial). A VSSR claim could arise out of a wide range of situations, including the employer’s failure to provide appropriate protective gear, to remove damaged or defective equipment, and much more.

Safety Violations Investigations

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) requires every employer to adhere to all safety rules designed to protect workers from jobsite hazards. Some employers take safety shortcuts to increase productivity and maximize profits. Other dangerous circumstances are caused by careless oversights. Whatever the reason for the VSSR, you are entitled to additional compensation if:

  • Your employer failed to provide safe and appropriate tools for the job requirements
  • You were put in dangerous situations without proper safety instructions
  • Equipment you were asked to use was damaged or defective
  • Your employer removed safety protections and guards from equipment
  • You were exposed to hazardous materials without safety equipment
  • You were not properly trained to handle dangerous materials or equipment

VSSR claims in Ohio can be complex. The burden of proof is on the injured employee, who must show valid reasons the employer should be punished through a VSSR award.

What Compensation Is Available in a VSSR Claim?

Compensation in a VSSR case is intended not only to aid the injured worker but also to punish the employer for its failure to follow state regulations. If an injured worker successfully pursues a VSSR claim, the Industrial Commission will award the employee an additional percentage (between 15% & 50%) of the maximum weekly compensation for the injury. Which means that if a worker is receiving temporary total compensation for an injury and is awarded 30% VSSR, he/she would also receive an additional payment of his weekly temporary total payment times 30%

It’s also important to recognize that VSSR is just one example of how a workers’ compensation claimant may be at a disadvantage if they are not entirely familiar with the intricacies of Ohio workers’ compensation law and any possible related claims that may be available.

The sooner you speak with Matthew Hawley, Attorney at Law, the better chances he will have to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. You can schedule a free consultation with Matthew Hawley, Attorney at Law right now by calling (440) 839-2751.

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